Application Form

Candidate Application Form

Personal Details

Language and Cultural Diversity

YesNoAboriginalTorres Strait Islander

FluentWellNot Very WellNot at All



Hearing/DeafPhysicalIntellectualLearningMental IllnessAcquires Brain ImpairmentVisionMedical ConditionOther


Year 12 or equivalentYear 11 or equivalentYear 10 or equivalentYear 9 or equivalentYear 8 or equivalentNever attended School

Previous Qualifications

Bachelor Degree or HigherAdvanced Diploma or Associate DegreeDiploma (or Associate Diploma)Certificate Ⅳ (or Advanced Certificate/TechnicianCertificate Ⅲ (or Trade Certificate)Certificate ⅡCertificate ⅠCertificates other than the above


Full-time employeePart-time employeeSelf-employed (not employing others)EmployerEmployed in Family businessUnemployed, seeking full-time workUnemployed, seeking part-time workUnemployed, not seeking work

Personal History

To get a jobRequirement of my jobTo develop my existing businessWant extra skills for my jobTo start my own businessTo get onto another course of studyTo try for a different careerFor personal interest or self-developmentTo get a better job or promotionOther reasons


Students/Client are requested to declare at your time of enrolment anything that might prevent you from satisfactorily progressing through the training and assessment program e.g. anything related to physical ability, cultural background or educational background. The RTO or Company will not accept liability for any issue not declared at enrolment that has potential to prevent satisfactory progress.


I declare that the information contained in this application is true and correct andthat all documents are genuine.

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