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(TAE40116) Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

This course is designed to tackle the present and future needs for individuals who want to develop and enhance as well as receive assessment of their skills in vocational based education and training area (VET) through detailed and accessibly crafted structure. The course also targets individuals looking for a future in delivering trainings in a controlled environment allowing them a nationally accredited relevancy (TAFEs), industry-based trainings as well as educational institutions through practical and theoretical demonstrations.

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

The main target of this course is to nurture and prepare individuals for future careers in childcare support with the relevant Early Childhood Education and Care certification. All the knowledge regarding the delivery of nurturing, safe, efficient and accessible methodology for the children will be instigated through this course. This program will help individuals targeting early childhood setting as a career and will provide proper and effective communicative as well as collaborative skills with both the children as well as colleagues and educators through practical as well as theoretical demonstrations.

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

This course targets the personnel desiring a future early childhood with the additional aim of studies in advanced management and accountability around the matter. This qualification is essentially demanded by the ACECQA (Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority) including practical learning and assisting children towards their proper nurturement and development before they dive towards formal schooling.

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